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Welcome to the Highway Three Solutions Cloud Migration Hub: the complete resource for all your Atlassian cloud migration questions and queries.

Starting with an introduction to Atlassian's cloud ecosystem this guide will highlight the many benefits of migrating your business solutions to the cloud, outline the steps in the the migration journey, and show how leaning on the expertise of an experienced Atlassian Solutions Partner can help you avoid some of the common pain points and pitfalls that can impede your transformation to the cloud.

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What is Atlassian cloud?

Atlassian's cloud offering comprises of the great products and services you may already be familiar with but in a highly available, fully-managed infrastructure ecosystem. It allows you to reap all the benefits of tools like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and more without the need to provision and maintain your own servers. Focus on what really matters to your business and let Atlassian handle the rest.

Introduction to Cloud

What are the benefits of migrating to cloud services?

There are so many benefits of moving or starting your Atlassian solutions in the cloud but here are six ways that cloud can improve your organization's speed and efficiency:

Better network performance

The two key elements of network performance are low latency (processing a high volume of data with little or no delays for the user) and high availability (near-perfect systems uptime). Both of which can often be improved by a move to the cloud. Low latency is supported by the fact that good cloud vendors often store data close to your user base. High availability is supported by 24/7 teams dedicated to cloud and only cloud.

Uptime guarantees

Any cloud provider worth its salt will offer you an uptime guarantee (and, in turn, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your systems will be available nearly 24/7).

Atlassian’s Premium Cloud guarantees 99.9 percent uptime, and offers service credits if that SLA isn’t met. In our Cloud Enterprise plan, we increase that financial guarantee to 99.95 percent. Both plans include 24/7 support with a response time of an hour or less.

Automatic performance upgrades

Automatic upgrades improve performance while also ensuring there’s no lag time in getting to that better performance (since there’s no manual upgrade process involved). This means you always have access to the best-performing tools and never fall behind your competitors.

Faster product development and deployment

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) are best practices for both DevOps and Agile and are at home in a cloud environment. With automatic scalability you have access to more computing power enabling you get new features to your clients in seconds.

Automatic scaling and load-balancing

With automatic scaling in the cloud, computing power can scale up as high as it needs to in order to handle unexpected spikes in use. So, if your external user base quadruples overnight because Oprah tweeted about you, or you have to double your internal team size within a week to meet new demand, speed doesn’t suffer.


Some teams use a move to the cloud as a chance to streamline internal processes, embracing migration as an opportunity to improve speed and productivity both inside and outside their tools.

Much like moving to a new house is often an opportunity to go through your closets and get rid of things you don’t need – those shoes that pinch your feet, that set of golf clubs you never use – a move to the cloud is a good excuse to take a long, hard look at instances, workflows, documentation, and team best practices, and ask what is and isn’t moving you toward your overall business goals.

Check out a quick video detailing the migration journey to find out what you can expect when moving to Atlassian Cloud

The Cloud Migration Process

We believe the key to a successful project is in planning; why should the migration process be any different? That's why we've devised the following bulletproof steps to ensure a smooth and worry-free transition to the cloud for your organisation.

Our Process



Should we move to cloud? What are the trade-offs?

In the Assessment phase, we will help you assess whether cloud is right for you, and justify the move to your stakeholders. This is when we begin to understand the your migration needs, timeline, and cloud readiness.



What’s our strategy? What steps will we take to get there?

In the Planning phase, we will gain a better understanding around your migration needs. We will discuss any apps you have, which customizations you have implemented, and whether you have any direct integrations into your server environment.



How exactly will the apps migrate, do we need to upgrade the server instance to the latest version? We will provide specific details around everything that needs to be done prior to the migration, including setting up your cloud instance prior to the migration.



Does the migration work? How long does it take?

In the Testing phase, we will help customers test all facets of migration to ensure there are no negative surprises during production migration or once in cloud. The migration plan will be tested, documented and timed during this phase.



Data and users are migrated to the cloud! We will follow the defined migration plan, ensuring the customer is informed at every step of the way. Post-migration verification will be performed and any high-priority issues will be resolved.


Go-Live Launch

The party begins! We will train your users so that their onboarding to the cloud is a good experience - we know both server and cloud and can point out all of the tips and tricks to help users migrate seamlessly. We provide most-migration support in case there are any issues.

Get Help Migrating To Cloud

Moving your operations to the cloud can present some difficulties: believe us we've done enough of them! Highway Three Solutions draws on a large body of migration experience from a wide variety of business sectors, from fast growing startups to provincial and federal government organizations.

With our certified Atlassian professionals and technical background, we are uniquely positioned and ready to handle any and all of your specific needs and use cases.

A great first step is to reach out for a consultation to determine if you are ready to move to the cloud, get in touch with us today.

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