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Jira Onboarding and Migration

Whether you are new to Jira or looking to optimize your configuration, we can help maximize your teams potential.

We can help in many ways. Packages ranging from health checks/consultations, data migration, on-boarding, and full tool setup. Engaging with your team early and often ensures that everyone’s learning the tools in a sustainable way. Helping you become the expert and transitioning to an administrative role seamlessly.

To ensure the most efficient process, we use LEAN based practices to break work down to manageable pieces.

We start the engagement with open workshops where your team works directly with us to capture and outline your key business processes. Once workflows and configurations are in place, we monitor a few iterations to make sure everything is working as expected, make any changes required, and to answer questions from your team members or administrators. Teaching is a big part of this step, the more comfortable your team is with the tool, the better the results will be.

If you are migrating from another system, we can migrate your data, including comments and attachments.

We provide ongoing maintenance support / working sessions with your team, so that as your process changes and evolves, the system continues to supports you.

Highway Three Solutions professionalism and attention to detail was evident as the teams worked together to deliver the project on time. Our experience with Highway Three Solutions is a beneficial one as we work together to maintain the new Jira system and look to continuously improve our processes with their assistance.

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