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Highway Three Solutions is good at data.

We should be. Data and databases are embedded in our company DNA. We’ve worked with data for over 20 years in all ways shapes and forms. From complex data-driven Oracle Forms applications to bespoke database applications, to complex data transformation processes, to the latest in micro services architecture where data is shared constantly between systems.

So it’s natural that you would trust a company with so much experience in data to manage your Atlassian Jira and Confluence data migration.

Our Cloud Migration process is unique to us. It combines the best processes from Atlassian’s data migration playbook with all the things we’ve learned over the years about data quality and accuracy so you can rest assured that we got this.

Our Cloud Migration Process

Highway Three Cloud Migration Process consists of six phases:

Phase 1 – Assessment

Cloud migrations are much more than just moving data from a server into the cloud. In this initial phase, we work with you and your team to clearly understand your system and where you’re headed. With insight into your current and future needs, we can deep dive into the system qualifications and uncover the critical information. All done to provide you with information on how the cloud will fit your unique use, and highlight and fix any system limitations or complications that may be halting your decision making.

Phase 2 – Planning

Now that you’ve decided to move to the cloud, It’s time to figure out what steps you’ll need to take to get there and what the strategy should be. There are four viable options you can choose, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Lift and Shift – Take all of your product, user and application data, and migrate it to cloud in a single migration.
  • Optimize and Shift – An “all at once” migration where you assess which data to migrate to cloud and which to leave behind on your server instance for future reference in a read-only state.
  • Phased – Migrate data in stages, rather than all at once. As you complete each migration, issues can be worked out and users onboarded and trained in small chunks.
  • Start Fresh – You have no need to keep your data going forward, or want to start work in cloud immediately.

We work with your team to help decide which of these options work best for your organization and work with your planning teams to help prepare your migration project plan using lightweight agile methods.

Phase 3 – Preparation

Once you’ve completed the assessments, chosen a migration option and have your project plan ready to go, the next step is to prepare the system to be migrated. This step typically involves data cleanup, database and migration tool selection, resource planning and lots of communication.

Phase 4 – Testing

The goal of this phase is to determine if the migration will work, how long it will take, and develop the customer’s production migration checklist. We test all facets of migration on non-production systems to ensure data integrity to ensure there are no negative surprises during production migration or once in the cloud. Once that’s complete, we can confidently migrate data, apps, and users to the cloud with minimal friction and in a known amount of time.

Phase 5 – Migration

With the testing done, we are ready to migrate you to the cloud. At this stage we have a detailed documenting of the steps to migrate, the plan has been communicated to you and your team knows the migration date. It is time, we migrate. Boom! done. After this phase we will have:

  • The target users, data and apps have been migrated to the cloud, reviewed and confirmed to be successfully migrated.
  • High priority post-migration issues have been resolved.

Phase 6 – Go-live launch and post-migration clean-up

Now that your data is in the cloud, it’s time to get your people there too. In this phase, we help users get set up in the cloud, develop the skills of the administrative team, and then retire your server.

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